The purpose of a cleaner is to remove all the dirt the leather has been collecting during the process of cutting, preparing and manufacturing of the shoe.

The following adherence and good ageing of the shoe while being used will depend on a good previous superficial decontamination of leather.

It is very important to choose the appropriate cleaner to avoid attacking neither the leather finish nor the colour applied in the tanning process.  In our company you will find cleaners of two different kinds:


Both kinds of cleaners, beside their own task, they soften glue stains as well (especially the cleaners in solvent base) and give vigour and original aspect back to leather.

The experience in this field show us a series of advantages and disadvantages depending on the type used, that we will enumerate so that you avoid finding troubles in using them.

The solvent cleaners evaporate very easily, giving more agility to the finish process than the watery ones.  They do not leave any waste product over the cleaned surface.  On the other hand they are somewhat troublesome because of pollution and their inflammability.

The watery cleaners last longer in drying up, but however, they do not pollute so much and are generally more grateful in their use.