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Barrachina’s is a company located in La Vall d'Uixó, Comunitat Valenciana, Spain. Created in 1980, its main activity is manufacturing and commercialization of chemical products and auxiliaries for shoe finishing In Barrachina’s we are aware of the importance of leather final look for the shoe manufacturer, that is, colour, touch and gloss. The base of our performance lies on professional compromise with the final quality of shoe.

We come from knowledge of tanning technology and leather finishing and we translate it to the solution of shoe finishing problems. We offer a range of products constantly in evolution which gets adapted to changing needs, fashion requirements and new materials. The aim is to provide the best quality shoe finish with the lowest cost.

Barrachina’s technology is based on our own research, which since the very start it has been axis of our growth and vocation of future. We always dedicate the necessary human and avant-garde technical resources to achieve it.

We work as a team together with shoe manufacturers from our zone laboratories or from the central to improve the finishing process and choose the right chemical products to use.

Our commercial network reaches Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Brazil.

A broad range of glosses composed of waxes -LUSTRAFIX- and another complementary one of a solvent base -LUXSOL- let us get a great variety of gloss and touch finishes. But our family of starry products is CREMABOX, CREMALUX, CREMANICE, an extensive range of colourless creams composed of waxes that offer the possibility of getting different degrees of gloss depending on fashion requirements. With those waxes or coloured creams, a great deal of different fashion effects (stained effects, instance) or colour levelling effects are attained.

We offer as well other products like inks for soles and heels, repairers, lasts’ sliders, hardeners, softeners, and so on, which complete a range of more than 60 products for the shoe manufacturer’s use.

In Barrachina’s we are compromised with nature; that's why we continuously research to get the best outputs in leather processing, using the least aggressive raw materials, both for the people who handle them and for the environment.