Pelltiñ CU Colores

Colorants of metal complex in solvent medium. Due to their manufacturing conditions and low salt content, they are colorants with very good fixation, fastness and exhaustion.

How to use:
They can be used as a base dye and also combined with all kinds of creams for background applications or to trace colors. Used with the final gloss and / or touch agents, they give the leather a great vividness and uniformity.

Application Field:
They are specially designed for application in any type of leather where an intense, uniform dyeing and with good penetration is required. The leathers dyed with the Pelltiñ CU Dyes are characterized by their good solidity to sweat and light.

Consult the safety sheets.

Our laboratories in the factory walking area can present any product colored to the desired shade. Barrachinas can not control the conditions of use of its products, for this reason it can not accept responsibilities regarding the results and / or consequences that may derive from its use.