Non-ionic emulsion of an amino polydimethylsiloxane. Its appearance is that of a white liquid. It gives the leather an excellent sliding and soft touch with a permanent performance.

- PH = 6 +/- 1
- SOLIDOS = 45 +/- 1%
Application Field:
The PELLTAC Z3, is recommended for use as a touch agent in cationic and anionic products for leather, whenever a sliding block with a soft touch on the surface is desired.

How to use:
It is recommended to add the previously diluted product with water (1: 1), in proportions between 1 and 5% on the base product, depending on the desired touch. Its dilution has limited stability. Do not dilute with organic solvents.

Consult the safety sheets.

Barrachinas can not control the conditions of use of its products, for this reason it can not accept responsibilities regarding the results and / or consequences that may derive from its use.