Household Products

A huge range of personalize Household products.

Spray 150 ml plastic
Spray 50, 150 and 300 ml plastic with dispensing valve ideal for revival or water repellent products especially for plush leathers: nubuks, serrajes ...

Custom tin spray
Tinplate spray of 100 and 200 ml for waterproofing / waterproofing products or color brighteners, minimum quantities 5,000 units.

Plastic jar of 50ml and 100 ml
50 and 100 ml plastic jar with circular label for thick products.

About 5gr. with ecological footwear maintenance cream
Envelope size 60 × 80, engraved with two notches for easy opening.

New kit 3 components for footwear and clothing maintenance
Contains jar of 100 or 50 ml of plastic with Ecological Cream, 30 × 30 or 30 × 30 cloth and sponge 90x70x40.

Kit for the maintenance of footwear or clothing
Custom cases to the client's taste for footwear or clothing maintenance. We develop the kit design according to the client's request, containing the desired items inside.

Tubes for customized creams
Plastic tubes of different capacities customized with serigraphy.

Glass jar with metal lid
Glass jars for creams with a capacity of 50 ml with metal lid.

A42 jar with personalized box
We present the glass jar with lid and sponge incorporated with personalized box. An explanatory leaflet of uses of the ECO CREAM ORGANIC can be included.

Custom metal jars
We offer you metal jars of different capacities (25, 50, 60 and 100 ml) with easy opener for creams or fatty finishes. They are personalized with labels or serigraphs.

Custom A42 jar
We present the TARGET A42 CUSTOMIZED. Presents a 50 ml glass container with lid and built-in sponge. Any product can be packaged in a cream colored or colored cream.

Custom promotional envelopes for creams with capacities of 5 or 10 gr. Graphing with two notches for easy opening. Minimum quantity 5,000 units.

Custom wipes
Personalized wipes with the brand of different colors and sizes.

Custom brass brushes
Brass brushes. They can be customized with the desired brand.

Custom horsehair brushes
We have THREE sizes (12, 16 and 17 cm) of horsehair brushes to be customized with the client's brand.

A huge range of personalize Household products.