ASPECT: Amber oily liquid

SOLIDS: 95-99%

PRECAUTIONS: See instructions on the packaging and in the Safety Data Sheet.


Mixed of sintetics oils in emulsion medium to lubricate the leather.

Application Field:

Ideal for humity process, heightening colours and giving soft and warm touch.

Also it can be use to the beat process for suedes and nubuks, intensifying colours and getting the leather softer.

Increase the resitence of the leather tear because it gets a hight power oil between fibres.

It can be use in retannery process or like a final top.

Instrucctions for use:

It must be apply in roller or drum.

Barrachinas cannot control the conditions under which its products are used, therefore do not accept responsibilities concerning the results and/or consequences from its usage.

                                                              Review date: 08/05/2019