CHARACTERISTICS:  The purpose of a base or filler is to close the absorption of leather in general and level it among the different pieces of a shoe (toecap, counters,quarters).  It strengthens leather conditioning and also fixation and adherence of finish products to be later applied, getting a better ageing to storage and use.  They are presented as milky liquids composed of acrylic polymers properly formuled for its application to be uniform.  In our company we have developped a range of bases going from lower to higher filling and brightening power.  For any finishing of Nappa, Boxcalf and Kid-skin leathers, bases prepare leather and leave it ready for a good finish.



Mixture of acrylic resins in a watery medium properly formuled with spreading agents to get a good uniformity of application.  Its aspect is of a milky liquid.


Every kind of full-grain and Corrected leathers when you want to give them the absorption uniformity that was lost through manipulation during the shoe manufacturing process.  Leather suffers different stretchings depending on the place it is located in the shoe composition.


After having thoroughly cleaned glues and other dirts and having repaired and leveled colours if necessary, you must apply Neutral Box Base with a proper sponge in a reasonable way.  It is to say, leaving a greater quantity of product in those parts where leather has sufferered of a higher stretching and consequently it has become more open and undernourished.  Then you must let it dry from 4 to 6 minutes, depending on room temperature and humidity, before beginning the next finishing operation.Although the best application result is got with a proper sponge, the gun application with a 4 to 6 atm. pressure or even with a camel hair paddle can not be rejected.It is convenient and advisable for the application of Neutral Box Base good conditions of ventilation and hand skin protection to avoid any allergic reaction or irritation.

SECURITY:  Look up the general security section.

REMARKS:  Our zone laboratories close to industry can offer any Base colouring to the desired tone.

Barrachinas cannot control the conditions under which its products are used, therefore do not accept responsibilities concerning the results and/or consequences from its usage.